What is Marist House?

Marist House is a residential program for young adults who are studying at one of the many universities in and around Melbourne. Whether from the city or the country, Marist House provides young people with a safe, stable and supportive environment in which to engage with their tertiary studies. 

Situated in three terraced houses in Fitzroy, Marist House is ideally located for those studying at Australian Catholic       University, Melbourne University, RMIT and Monash’s Parkville campus. It is within walking distance from the CBD, and easy access to public transport. 

Hosted by a resident community of Brothers, Marist House offers a communal setting for young people desiring to live together, open to exploring their faith and engaging in service to the wider community. It also serves as a hub for Young Marists in Melbourne.

A Unique Opportunity

Marists have had a long tradition in building community around young people to promote their education and full human growth. Within this tradition, Marist House offers several special features:

  • an environment purpose designed to support full-time tertiary studies;

  • a stable communal setting for developing positive relationships with like-minded people;

  • academic, personal and spiritual guidance from the Brothers community;

  • an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others through service and outreach;

  • excellent proximity to Universities and Colleges;

Who is Marist House for?

We are looking for young adults who: 

  • want to do the best they can in their studies;

  • are interested in living intentionally with others for a year while they are at university;

  • are warm-hearted, responsible and hospitable;

  • value respect, presence, hospitality and service

  • have a capacity to reflect on matters of life, faith and justice.

Key elements to living in Marist House

For each resident, living in Marist House offers them a holistic and formative experience in each the following: 

Community - welcoming each other as members of a Marist family and developing a shared co-responsibility for the life of our home;
Christian values - the practice of respect, tolerance, personal responsibility, care for each other and our environment;
Culture of Study - a regular rhythm of study, ensuring an environment conducive to learning; 
Prayer - nurturing our spiritual and faith lives together; 
Hospitality - creating spaces to welcome and invite others to experience our community; 
Ministry - a weekly commitment to in Marist or local Church-sponsored projects with people in need.


Marist House is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment, supportive of the study needs of each resident. To enable this, the following facilities are included: 

  • individual bedroom with heating

  • basic bedroom furnishings

  • shared bathroom between two residents

  • wireless internet

  • weekly meals (cooking roster)

  • breakfast and lunch supplies

  • common room with entertainment system

  • study room

  • laundry and ironing facilities

Marist House Q&A's ...

How long can I commit to Marist House?
You commit to staying for one academic year by signing the residential agreement. A further year’s extension may be offered.

What is the Agreement?
Essentially it is your formal commitment to embrace the family spirit of a Marist home and the customs and house rules which support the values and purposes of the Marist House program. 

What is the cost for 2020?
You are asked to contribute board of $270 per week during your stay. 

What will the contribution cover?
Your financial contribution includes board and lodging, including utilities, WIFI, weekly meals, your bedroom and basic furnishings, use of laundry, and shared use of common areas. 

Can I withdraw/conclude my commitment?
Withdrawal from Marist House may be negotiated with the Brothers.

What about relationships?
As Marists, our relationships are marked by authenticity and respect. As a way of showing this, in consideration for each other and in keeping with Catholic moral expectations, residents are not to engage in sexual relationships at Marist House. 

Any Alcohol?
The consumption of alcohol is permitted in moderation for residents (18+) within defined times (e.g. evening meal) and spaces (dining/common room/back deck). It is not normally a practice during weeknights other than for special occasions (birthdays, celebrations). 

What am I free to join in (or not)?
Residents are expected to attend the Community night, usually on a Monday evening which includes a meeting, Eucharist or prayer and an evening meal, for which you are expected to be present. 

Apart from this, the expectation is that if you are at home on any evening throughout the week, dinner is had together, and we share the preparation of it. Breakfast and lunch are anytime as fits your weekly schedule. 

You are expected to sign-on for a regular weekly community service in the local area (as arranged by the Brothers) and to attend Sunday Eucharist if you are staying over the weekend. It is hoped that you would also be involved in Marist Youth Ministry activities throughout the year. You are free to join the Brothers any morning and evening for their community prayer and Eucharist, as you wish. 

Can I have a part-time job?

How do I register my interest in joining Marist House?
The application process involves completing an EOI form, a personal meeting, and, if you are invited to join, the signing of the residency agreement and bond payment.

Are there House responsibilities?
Everyone is responsible for cleaning and maintaining his/her room and personal space. A list of other community roles and responsibilities including cooking will be assigned so as to ensure the smooth running of Marist House.

Will the Brothers still have a community?
A community of Marist Brothers lives at Marist House with living spaces at the rear of the houses. The Brothers participate fully in the life and activities of Marist House but also follow their own religious life, including daily community prayer, Eucharist and quiet time. 

Marist House Newsletter

Applications for 2020 close Friday 1 November.

To enquire about available places for 2020 please contact:

Br Greg McDonald, fms

0407 492 022





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