Marist Youth Ministry, seeks to provide a space to engage young people, inviting them to an experience of home. We know that young people are searching for places where their stories of joy, hope, disappointment, frustration, and discovery can be listened to with genuine understanding and love.

We also know that the world is filled with other voices, stories and false promises that draw young people in leaving them feeling empty and downcast.

Marist Youth Ministry invites and gathers young people around the same table, accepts them for who they are, reaffirms God’s love for each one of them and accompanies them on their personal and shared journey of life and faith, so they can discover the Marian face of the Church.

It is our desire to resource and empower young people, as committed Marists, to be agents of change in the world, to be living portraits of Champagnat here and now.

We want to leave nothing undared for the Kingdom, we are called to be creative ‘evangelisers in the midst of youth’, ready to proclaim the ‘Joy of the Gospel’.


Marist Youth Ministry’s mission is to make Jesus known and loved. We see MYM as a space to engage youth and young adults, inviting them to an authentic encounter with Christ. Accompanied on their personal and shared journey of life and faith, young people discover the Marian face of the Church. This empowers them, as committed Marists, to be agents of change in the world.


In 2013 the Marist Brothers embarked on a new era in Marist Youth Ministry (MYM). After the creation of the new Province of Australia in December, 2012, MYM was established with a truly national focus providing a pathway to operate at two levels: regionally and nationally. The adoption of the title Marist Youth Ministry and the logo symbolises our connection with the broader Marist world

For the first time, school-based Youth Ministry and Young Adult Ministry operates in conjunction with one another. The National scene comprises of the MYM National Coordinator leading a team of Regional Coordinators and two Regional Assistants in each of the three major Marist Centres in Australia. The MYM Team also comprises of the MYM-Remar Coordinator.




“Seeing new visions, dreaming new dreams”


I, the Lord, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams. Numbers 12:6.

The Marist Youth Ministry strategic plan is immersed in the Emmaus Story, a journey of the two disciples accompanied by the Risen Jesus in the midst of their confusion. Our plan provides a vision for ministry with young women and men over the next three years. It provides a framework for current and future youth ministry and has a clear thematic approach immersed in the Marist way of being Church.

It is grounded in the underlying ‘Marist Characteristics’ and on the premise that Marist Youth Ministry requires ‘organisation, structure and systemisation’. The plan has visionary aspects and also has a practical focus on three major areas/goals that come to life through seven key priority areas.


Spirituality: 'Jesus himself drew near' (Lk 24:15)

To give young people an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ and empower them to live as committed Marist disciples in the world today.


Community: 'When he was at the table... He took...blessed...broke and gave' (Lk 25:30)

To create space for young people to gather in Marist communities and explore their faith together.


Mission: 'They got up right away and went back to Jerusalem' (Lk 25:33)

To draw young people to responsible participation in the life and mission of the Church.


  1. Community
  2. Prayer & Worship
  3. Leadership & Formation
  4. Social Action
  5. School Ministry (Incl. Remar)
  6. Events
  7. Marist Youth Ministry Team

‘Seeing new visions, dreaming new dreams’, hopes to encourage all those leading MYM to venture out ‘into the deep’ (Lk 5:4) with confidence and creative fidelity, remembering that ‘unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain’ (Ps 127:1).