Marist Youth Ministry (“MYM”) within the Province of Australia believes in carrying youth ministry in a professional manner meeting all legal requirement to ensure all that young people are catered for in a safe nurturing environment.

Some of the MYM policies that supports our ministry include:

  • Marist Youth Ministry Child Protection Policy
  • Marist Youth Ministry Social Networking Policy

Child Protection Policy – Keeping Children Safe

MYM believes in nurturing the wellbeing of all young people who participate in its programmes, respects their dignity, ensures their safety, and protects them from harm, exploitation and abuse. Any report or suspicion of abuse or endangerment is handled with compassion, promptness and integrity, in the interests of justice and reconciliation.

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Marist Youth Ministry Social Networking Policy

MYM believes that evangelisation is at the heart of its Mission in order to ‘make Jesus Christ known and loved’. MYM understands that the use of technology should be pursued in a manner that allows growth in faith and in communion with others. Across all areas of the social networking endeavour, MYM employees and volunteers ensure that the innate dignity of each person is upheld and that it is used in a manner that is life giving, safe, responsible, and upholds legislative frameworks.

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