There is nothing I shall want


Yesterday's Psalm is pretty special to me. My Dad, who is basically the best man in the world, brought me a beautiful print of Psalm 23 when he came back from a 30 day silent retreat a couple of years ago. Because of this I have spent many moments reflecting on the richness of David's words (whoever says scripture is irrelevant can come have a cuppa with me).

When I was reading it yesterday I was challenged by the refrain: 'The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want'. It's not the first time I've felt a pang of guilt reading this line because let's be real...there is SO much that I want! So then I started reflecting, 'why do I want... what I want?'

I want a house and a decent car (decent is not a word usually associated with my well-loved 2010 Hyundai Getz). I want these things for a sense of security and accomplishment. I want nice things around me and a few lavish pot plants so that I feel comfortable in my home. I want money in the bank so that I can do fun exciting things with my friends. I want a significant other, because I'm human, but also because I want to feel loveable.

None of these things are wrong in themselves but this Psalm challenges me to find security, comfort, love and self-worth in Christ first. I want to have my identity strengthened through a sense of security found in the love of Jesus. When we let God breathe life into our wants we can find peace in His purpose, provision and plan for us. So I'm getting more and more comfortable with wanting nothing but God. What do you want? Why?