NAIDOC Week is one of the times in the year when Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and achievements are recognised and celebrated. It is a chance for all Australians to learn, embrace and revel in the traditional cultures of our country. During NAIDOC Week negative stereotypes are left forgotten. It is when Australia comes together to celebrate the rich and beautiful aspects of Indigenous culture and history.  This is why NAIDOC Week is important to me.

Indigenous culture is founded on strong connections to family and country. The way my ancestors passed down knowledge, stories and traditions was through family. Family isn’t just blood, it is the community in which you live, it is the relationships you make and the special connections you mutually share. Family is where you feel most safe, comfortable and yourself. An important value passed down through generations was the act of selflessness, nothing was ever done for oneself it was always done for the whole mob.

Similar to Indigenous culture, the value of family spirit is a strong characteristic of the Marist community. To celebrate this NAIDOC Week I encourage you to do more selfless acts for your school, local and wider community. This will create a presence and generate more positive impacts. Because ultimately, as Australian’s, we are all one family, we are all one mob!