If there is one word I would use to some up Easter Sunday it is 'hope'. We have just spent 40 days choosing to become self-aware of our brokenness and asking Jesus to take it with Him to the cross. Easter Sunday is the joy of seeing Jesus, having dealt with sin (ours included), rise to new life. If that doesn't instill hope that we too can rise out of our own ashes then I don't know what does. 

Does this mean we rise and become perfect, without sin, like the harsh realities of life have never touched us? No. Like Christ we still bare the scars of our life-lived bodies but they are healed! No longer open wounds, Jesus the ultimate physician, has dealt with our wounds and now we wear scars of hope. Scars that show the world the saving power of Jesus. 

We live in a world where, for the most part, every one is trying their darnedest to portray an image of being perfectly happy and capable. The idea of being comfortable with our 'scars' is so foreign and yet, it is in our healed scars that people can see evidence that Jesus is real and active in our lives today. If you've been reading my blog this Lent you would know I've been trying to deal with some of my own 'wounds'. What has been beautiful about this process is that some people close to me have clued in that something has changed. When we share the healing that we have found in Jesus others can experience hope that their own wounds might be able to be healed as well. Where do you sit this Easter? Is there an 'open wound' in your life that you wish wasn't there anymore? Have you experienced healing in your life that could bring others hope?