Do this


The Last Supper was action packed! It had foot washing, a meal like no other and accusations of betrayal! Imagine being a fly on the wall at that party! I believe Jesus wanted us to experience a bit of this though. In fact he clearly gave the direction: 'do this in memory of me'. Thank God He did otherwise we may not have the gift of the Eucharist and Mass that we do today. 

Other than attending Mass how can we be faithful to this call? Marcellin Champagnat lived it beautifully when he created the table in the picture above at the Hermitage in Lavalla, France and made it a priority that he and his fellow brothers shared life together around the table. He caught Jesus' vision for the importance of community and shared this vision to others.

I have so many fond memories of being around a table sharing meals with friends, family and in a few instances, strangers. There is something innately joyful about coming together, breaking bread (figuratively and literally), and sharing life with others. There is a bit of a tradition for my family that we invite people who may be living away from their family or not have anyone around to spend Easter or Christmas with us. It means that there can be a mish-mash of people but it's always so fun and I feel like it's a pretty special way to share in Jesus' vision for community.