Man Does Not Live on Bread Alone


It is officially Lent and call me a weirdo but I LOVE Lent. I love the idea that we get 40 days to intentionally choose to grow closer to Jesus. I know this is something that we get 365 days a year to do but the significance of Lent always motivates me to purposefully choose Him in areas of my life that may have not been entirely open to Him.

In last Sundays reading, the first week of Lent, we heard Jesus going out into the desert and being tempted by Satan in various ways. The whole experience does not sound one bit delightful. Jesus is out there in the desert and he’s probably as hungry as a 1st XV Rugby player when Satan rocks up and offers him food. Jesus, bless Him, says ‘no, I have something more fulfilling in my relationship with God than you could ever provide'. I took a lot of liberty in paraphrasing there but that’s the gist.

This got me to thinking…yes, a dangerous process…what do I settle for in life rather than seeking and trusting in God and the words He speaks to me? Is it settling for a romantic relationship that I just know in my gut isn’t the best, but being with someone is better than being alone? Is it choosing sleep, Netflix, hangs with friends (none of which are bad fyi) over taking time to connect with the Creator of my very being?

There are so many ways in which we seek comfort over connection with God. This Lent I am going to keep that image of Jesus telling Satan to take his bread and shove it, at the forefront of my mind and look to God for comfort and provision by seeking Him in the Scriptures, Sacraments and by making sure I spend time with like-minded friends and family who draw me closer to God and His love. What are you going to do?