The Roof


Sometimes when I'm inside a Church, I look above and stare at the roof. Why? Was a priest delivering a boring homily and my eyes wandered off? Was the choir singing flat and the lady next to me singing out of key again? No, It's actually something more motivating. This roof, this ceiling speaks to me in the same way that someone can find beauty in what is simple yet complex. In this roof I see love. 

When I lift up my eyes I see a handcrafted love, a love that comes from a Father that is mighty. I see the blood, sweat and tears of the labourers, pouring out in a physical way for a Saviour that loves them. For they once sat in these pews and said, 'There is more. More to be done, more to be One.'

'...and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’
Mark 12:30

How are we as modern day Christians called to love our God? We can attest to the love of the Lord that St. Paul speaks of to the Philippians (4:13), "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me". I ask the question, what we being strengthened for?

I take you back to the roof. When I look at this structure, I see love. I see the intricacies, the hours of dedication and hard work, the life-long journey to fulfil something that is greater than yourself and the way in which these people have been the hands and feet of Jesus. Where can we as Christian men and women inspire the same love, the same passion to work for something greater? To break the bonds of societal norms, to transcend the broken culture of the mundane. How can we as an active witness to our God, inspire others? 

Poverty exists spiritually, emotionally and physically and I do not want to wait until I am old and grey to make a difference and inspire my generation and the next with love. Join in with a joy that is unending, and unite with a passion that is eternal as we engage in a labour of love for those who are yet to come. Let's pave the future one tile at a time.

Some say Hogan is kind of a big deal (Jo Rogers, Hogan's mum). Since the age of four he has been capable of doing a complete 50 metre lap of the pool underwater without drawing breath. His greatest achievements in life include dating Laura Pirlo, spending time with his main man JC, and he enjoys long walks along the beach and peaceful chats in the hammock.