Swallow Your Pride


Humility. It's the issue that keeps reemerging from the back of my mind. It reemerges like an annoying fly that keeps flying around me and the only way to rid of it is to squat it! I came across an article about humility and I began to question, am I a humble person? We live in a society where fortune favours the strong, and modesty is often seen as a weakness. As a business student I especially feel this is true for those who dwell in the corporate realm. Climbing up the ladder is a battle of “survival of the fittest”.  It’s because of this, that we often find ourselves in the predicament of either being humble or being prideful. Even the greatest people throughout history struggle with this notion. Muhammad Ali once said “It’s hard to be humble, when you’re as great as I am”. I’m not exactly sure on what he meant exactly when he said this, but in my opinion, I think he’s expressing how the price of fame lead him into succumbing to the tight grasp of pride, making it difficult for him to show humility.  

The article identifies a humble person as someone who: focuses their energy on others,  are conscientious, allow their moral compass to guide their decision-making, perceive happiness as a journey, have a positive outlook, have strong relationships, and ultimately excel as leaders. Being honest with myself, I think I only covered two of those traits and I could work more on the other five! Scrolling down the bottom of the page, I came across a comment quoting C.S. Lewis, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is in thinking of yourself less”. As I pondered on this quote, I came to realise that this entire time, I was thinking less of myself rather than thinking of myself less. I was constantly thinking about where I ought to go and be in my future and never really considered what it was that God wanted me to do. I was heavily focused on my own plans than on His. It’s funny how the majority of the time when we’re not doing His will and doing our own, we find the tasks so much more of a challenge than it really is. But the moment we accept His will as our own, the universe switches around and makes room for us; everything just falls into place. I like to imagine that these accounts are blessed by His hands, those opportunities were meant for us.


True humility to me is dying to ourselves and lifting our lives up to God. Surrendering everything to him and placing our trust in his plans, and welcoming the Holy Spirit to stir within us so that all that we do and say are not of us, but of Him and for Him. 

Catherine is a Regional Assistant for Marist Youth Ministry Brisbane. Although her surname often misleads acquaintances to believing that she's Filo, she's in fact born in Indonesia. She recently graduated with a business degree in marketing and international relations and hopes to use her knowledge to call youth to action on social justice issues. She finds comfort in nature, arts and craft, and sewing with a cup of tea in close reach; some might say she's a 21 year-old with a 70 year-old soul!