How to Wake Up in the Morning


I went and saw “About Time” last weekend. Expecting a romantic comedy “Love Actually” style, I left tear-stained and a little bit changed.

Unlike the protagonist Tim, I don’t have the ability to time travel, the concept invited me to remember once more that I am the captain of my own destiny; that I do have the ability to decide what to focus on in my everyday life. In the film, Tim discovers the ‘secret to happiness’ when he gets the opportunity to relive a day that was originally full of grievances. In reliving the day, he chooses to find joy or happiness in those tiresome situations. If only we could all time travel.

Resilience is defined as the ability to regain shape or form after being stretched or contorted.

The ability to bounce back,

to brush yourself off,

to stand up after falling,

to get back on the horse,

to smile through the pain,

To sing through the sadness,

to persevere through the anxiety,

to remain calm throughout the raging storm, to survive.

To survive the wrecking ball of apathy that society swings at us on a daily basis.


To choose to see joy in the joyless,

hope in the hopeless,

faith in the faithless,

love in the unlovable,

beauty in the ugly,

friendship in the unfriendly,

kindness in the unkind.

Each day when we wake up, we have a decision to make. When we wake up with our heads full of cotton wool, eyes caked with sand, and hearts heavy with led; we have a decision to make. Do we live our lives the same way we did yesterday, or will we be active in our choice to live today better than the last? Do we conform to common societal ideas and pressures, or do we choose to carry our crosses loud and proud?

Many of you are reading this thinking, “she has obviously never seen me in the mornings then”. Don’t get me wrong, there are those mornings where swallowing razor blades is a more enticing prospect than getting out of bed, however the majority of the time I, like so many of us, can muster the strength (praise the Lord for coffee) to make the choice to pull my head from my pillow and face this big bad world that we live in. Somehow, as Christians we continue to find the resilience to live out our faith in an increasingly secular and angry world.

Imagine a world where every Christian woke up and made an active decision to follow the sentiments of St. Teresa of Avila, “today, I will be the hands and feet of Jesus on Earth.” How would this prayer change the way you lived today?

 We all know that practice makes perfect, and that habits are the hardest to change and maintain. But what better reason to start practicing?

 Our challenge, wake up tomorrow and pray, “today, Jesus, use me as an instrument of your peace”. Just see what happens. I’ve been living this prayer for the past few weeks, and I can honestly say that I feel like my days have been lighter and happier. And hey, what’s the worst that could happen? Or more importantly, in choosing to say YES what’s the best that could happen?

Sally is a lively 23 year old who has recently finished studies at QUT and ACU and is now leading Marist Youth Ministry across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. She has travelled widely and is passionate about social justice, having volunteered in countries such as India, the Philippines and East Timor. As a qualified high school teacher, she is passionate about investing in the needs of young people and loves any opportunity to engage with youth and young adults.