Remar is a Spanish word meaning ‘to row’, and began in Columbia in Central America in 1976. The reason for choosing ‘Remar’ as the title of the movement is that it is short for ‘Renewal of Marists’ – aiming to revitalise and evangelise Young Marists for the future.  A nautical theme is present throughout the program, with various titles depicting the human and spiritual journey that students engage in throughout the program.

Remar students at each school are part of a small, tight-knit community, as they journey together over three years. These groups meet fortnightly in after-school meetings, for either discussions on a range of topics, social outings, or ministry and solidarity outreach programs. Remar groups have camps at the start of each year to embark on their journey, plus meet together with other groups at regional camps, held once a year for each year level.

Faith development

This is an integral part of the program. Through regular discussions and prayer together, students are able to grow in their faith life, and in turn, encourage the faith of others within and beyond the school community.


Remar helps improve students’ skills and confidence, by encouraging them to take on leadership roles within their fortnightly meetings, on camps, and beyond their school in community activities.   


Through regular meetings in their school groups students form a tight-knit community which they can turn to for support and where they know they can trust everyone. Emphasis is given to forming community with their local school, parish and wider community.

Ministry and Service

Each year students are required to do a certain number of community service hours or volunteer work. This enables students to become conscientious leaders and active participants in their local communities.

Recent Photos

2018 Perth Blue Retreat #5
2019 Vic Red Caravel Day 2 Shepparton
Adelaide 2018 March Connect Night
2018 Trinity Gold Retreat