Congratulations to the following who have committed themselves to experience the 2019 Philippines Pilgrimage! Marist Youth Ministry wishes you well. 

From L to R - Top: Miraede Bhatia-Williams, Lachlan Scott, Lauryn Ferreras and Ben Lawrence Bottom: Chloe Fenner, Amelia Watters, Ethan Cook and Vaiata Hehea

After returning from the 2018 Philippines Pilgrimage, our young pilgrims said:

“I now want to live with simplicity and be happy with what I have instead of always wishing for more. I have now learnt to be present and live in the moment and for the people around me.”
“I’ve become more aware of the personal situations of others and have a desire to search for meaning in my own life, be it personal or spiritual.”
“I now want to live with simplicity and be happy with what I have instead of always wishing for more. I have now learnt to be present and live in the moment and for the people around me.”
“The trip has made me feel more connected to God and feel more thankful for all I have.”
“There were specific moments that made me have my ‘rebirth’ of sorts – one in particular was Taizẻ with SSVP, which bought me back to my faith.”


  • When: 30 November – 14 December

  • Cost: $2,600 plus the cost of interstate return airfares to and from Sydney. Pilgrims are also required to raise $300 towards donations to the organisations we visit.



We will visit the Kuya Centre for street children, a project supported by Australian Marists.


A paediatric centre and half-way house providing accommodation for children undergoing chemotherapy. Most of the children live outside Metro Manila and travel to receive the best cancer treatment available. We will provide some good cheer and activities for the children and their mothers.


The Angel Presence School assists economically challenged families to access education through the Bagong Barrio Education Fund (BBEF) which was set up by Br Dough Walsh to provide education for children from kindergarten through to university. We will give some lessons on Australia whilst we are here!

chn in tunnel.jpeg


Along with social workers and teachers from the Kuya Centre, we will spend some time playing and singing with children from the streets of Cubao.


The hospice is home to people from newborns to senior citizens, including those with special needs. The Sisters of Charity look after any person who has been abandoned, orphaned, neglected, abused or displaced with the aim of reunifying, relocating, rehabilitating or simply giving them a sense of ‘family.’


We will visit women in the low security section of Pasig City Jail. Most women in this section are mothers and have been incarcerated for minor crimes and are awaiting trial.


Volunteer with Street Kids
We head out on 'street education' classes to some of the poorest slum areas of Metro Manila. We do this through ministries such as the Kuya Centre, St Vincent de Paul projects, and Bagong Barrio Education Fund.

Learn More About Filipino Culture
Our time in Manila, and surrounds, allows us to experience Filipino life and culture. From the marketplaces to the motorways, the shopping malls to the slums, we see an incredibly diverse range of Filipino life. 

Connect with Filipino Young Adults
We will be welcomed by a group of young adults from the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP) at Adamson University in Manila and have an opportunity to spend time getting to our new friends, their history and culture. 

Formation in Marist Spirituality
Our immersion to the Philippines will equip you with an experience of living the Gospel as a Marist Young Adult Community. We will take time to reflect on contemporary issues of life faith and justice, through the lens of Marist Spirituality.