About Marist Forums ...

One of the most critical needs for young people today is to a provide space where they are able to gather and discuss matters of life and faith. The Marist Forums provide an avenue in which Year 11 and 12 students can do this.

We invite students into a shared space of encounter and engagement, allowing them to dialogue with, and consider the viewpoints of peers, facilitators and guest presenters, as well as reflect on their commitment to being Marist in the way of Jesus, Mary and St Marcellin Champagnat.

Year 11 Forum - Being Agents of Mercy and Justice

The Year 11 Forum focuses on being agents of mercy and justice, and invites students to take up Jesus’ command to "love one another" (John 13:34). We explore this scripture passage by exploring helpful ways of breaking down the barriers which prevent us from reaching out to our neighbours, whether they are members of our own family, school community, victims of domestic violence, the homeless, those who suffer mental illness, refugees and asylum seekers or any person who does not enjoy the fullness of life for which Jesus came.

We also want to nurture a strong sense of mission and solidarity among our Year 11 students by providing a safe, creative and reflective environment in which they can deepen their call be bearers of the Good News as well as advocates for justice for those who are marginalised in our society.

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2017 Year 11 Forum

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Year 12 Forum - Vocations ... "Wake Up the World!"

The Year 12 Forum focuses on the theme of Vocation, challenging students to think more deeply about the lives they lead. We explore key concepts including Christian Identity and Discipleship, Servant Leadership and Personal Vocation. The Forum encourages students to embrace Pope Francis' call to all Christians to 'wake up the world' through the witness of their lives.

During the Forum, students encounter stories told by people who have generously responded to God’s call to Married Life, Priesthood and Religious Life (Sisters and Brothers), and how they are living out their particular calling in generous and life-giving ways, according to the needs around them. We hope these stories will both challenge and inspire our Year 12 students as they continue to grow in their Marist lives and appreciate their Baptismal calling. 

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2018 Sydney Yr 12 Vocations Forum

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