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MYM Enviro Challenge

Day 10: MYM Enviro Challenge

I am trying to help the environment, but I am distracted by all the recent events. What is happening in the world? 

Yep, it is one of those things where we have 24/7 news and it can be a little bit much. When the world is focusing on strategy and we are focusing on putting rubbish in the right bins, it seems a little silly to be doing an enviro challenge! A little annoying...

But it isn't annoying, it's metanoia. See what I did there? 

Metanoia is a word used to describe a change of heart. It is a Greek word and can be used to describe that feeling where you are completely committed to the call to care for our common home - from plants to people. 

A change of heart can come from doing the little things with love. If we all did that, what would be on our 24/7 news? 'Man washes car for dad to make him smile,' 'Mother drives all kids to school on time because she cares,' 'World peace closer because everyone reached out to one another.' Yeah, I'd buy that paper! 

Today's Challenge: 

Remember day 3 was about fostering the hope? Share a feel good story about the great work people are doing to care for their common home. For some inspiration check out Trinity Lismore and their Action Plan. 

Check out our first week wrap up from guest blogger Francine Crimmins! 

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MYM Enviro Challenge
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MYM Enviro Challenge