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MYM Enviro Challenge

Day 4: MYM Enviro Challenge

It’s day four and we are growing in awareness and appreciation. Or not. Because let's remember, there is SO much happening! 

For many young Marists there’s end of semester wrap up, work, family, friends, feeding the cat. How do we remember to care for our common home and juggle it all? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Let’s look again to the Marist spirituality in Water from the Rock:

54. Daily experiences are special places of encounter with God. We find God’s presence in creation, in the events of every day - work and relationships, silence and noise, joys and sorrows, achievements and anguish, tragedy and death.

So caring for our common home can happen anytime, anywhere! No juggling needed. Unless you juggle...

Today’s challenge:

This one’s about doing your bit in the moment you’ve got. Set an alarm for a random time. I’m talking 1.07pm or 11.38am. In the description write something like: ‘Enviro whip around!’ When the alarm goes off, react madly and have a look around wherever you are. You might be in your lunch break and see some rubbish to go in the bin. You could be on a bus! Report back on what happened. 10 points if your alarm makes you jump! 

[One step further: You can keep this random time for the duration of the challenge if you choose to accept]

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