Sydney Exchange Night @ Seabird

Our commitment to ‘care for our common home’ began on Sunday night as we gathered at the brothers’ house in Randwick. Our Exchange night marked the beginning of this month of prayer and action for our environment as young Marists. 

The night gave us the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones. We began the evening with a reflection into what we value about our own homes, then looked into what scripture can tell us about caring for our home, which is not limited to just our physical surrounds, but the way we relate to the world as an extended ecosystem. 

We then looked to a more contemporary piece of literature for guidance. Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si calls not just on Christians, but the whole world to be in tune with the world around us and to not ignore the gift of our common home. After sharing some of our own responses to the text with the group, many of us felt empowered to respond to the Pope’s call to care for our common home. 

Many of us this month are committing to the #MYMenvirochallenge which will call on us every day for the month of November to consider the way we relate to creation at the moment, and looking at ways we can improve habits we might have!

We’re also getting excited now for the People’s Climate March at the end of the month. On Sunday night we finally got our new and fabulous “Care for Our Common Home” T-Shirts. Did we mention they’re also organic, carbon neutral and fair trade?! We figured if we are going to talk the talk, we should be walking the walk (literally) at the People’s Climate March. 

As you can imagine, our new matching outfits became a major distraction for us as we shared a delicious dinner together. We have hundreds of group selfies to prove it! If anything, the fact these shirts can also double as comfortable pyjama shirts was another major selling point. I think the people have spoken – a Marist pyjama range is needed.  

In the next blog, we’ll be checking in on how everyone is tackling the #MYMEnviroChallenge. No matter where you are in Australia, or around the world, we invite you to join us in the challenge! 

In the meantime, share your caring - for our common home! Use the hashtag #MYMEnviroChallenge or email your pics to!

Author: Francine Crimmins