Welcome to Marist Youth Ministry Australia

Welcome to Marist Youth Ministry Australia

Marist Youth Ministry is one of Australia's largest Catholic youth ministries, with a young adult presence in every major capital city across the country. We are committed to fostering communities of faith-filled young people who are ready to enact real change in their world and find a home in the Church. We are about an inspired way of discipleship, which is giving young people a story to connect into, a community to belong to, a work to do, a way to pray, and a face of God to see.

Our style of ministry is distinct, following the way of Marcellin Champagnat, who was dedicated to making Jesus Christ known and loved among young people. This Marian style of ministry is one of passion and compassion, passion for God and compassion for people.

Our newly formed National Marist Youth Ministry Team provides a pathway to operate on two levels: regionally and nationally. We engage in school-based Youth ministry and Young adult ministry. Our national team comprises of the MYM National Coordinator leading a team of Regional Coordinators and two Regional Assistants in each of the three major Marist Centres in Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney) but servicing the wider Australia Community present in other major cities including Adelaide, Perth, Alice Springs and Canberra.

The MYM Team also comprises of the MYM-Remar Coordinator and six young Remar Ministry Team Volunteers who run a youth ministry program at Marist Schools around Australia. A total of 15 MYM Team members called to be creative ‘evangelisers in the midst of youth’.

We invite you to be part of the NOW of the Church. This is our time. Let us not hesitate to make a difference.

We hope that this website becomes a hub for Young People who are ready to change the world,  to ‘GET INVOLVED’ so they can enact real change in the world.


Nehme Khattar

National Coordinator
Marist Youth Ministry

Liam Desic

Liam Grew up poor